Learning Centre

Learning Center (LC) cum Drop-in Centre mostly focuses on providing an opportunity for the children on and off the street and children at risk to receive non-formal education and socialization activities in an informal environment. This center has been utilized to provide those children an environment to study and socialize and help them improve their state of living. For this, the children from various state and location are approached in their own place and are motivated to join educational program. Those children, after getting into the Learning Center provides platform to study who are interested in education. For those, who are further interested and capable are encouraged to finish standard Non Formal Education (NFE) model run in the drop-in learning center to join formal schooling.

LC provides NFE, Need-Based Education, formal education, first aid, Sanitation facilities, Project Works, Sports and Recreation, Exposure & Educational visits, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Saving, Lockers, Psychosocial and Career Counselling.

Formal Education

By choosing to sponsor a child through SathSath you are providing a child with care, safety and an education. You are giving this child a future.

Everyday, SathSath comes into contact with children who have no home, no family contact and hardly a place to turn to when the going gets tough. These children are at a critical crossroad in their development. It is now that they need help, in a few years it might well be too late.

In essence, you are taking a child under your wing. You are opening up possibilities in his or her life and showing this child a way out of the desperate existence that is life on the streets.