Major Focus of Organization:

  • Child and Human Rights
  • Target beneficiaries : Children and youth and their immediate families and communities
  • Line-organization’s capacity building to support their target
  • Train and support the most disadvantaged children, youth and their immediate families on alternative livelihood by means of business.
  • Social reintegration of the most disadvantaged children and youth through halfway-community-house by involving them in business support and training, vocation and skill trainings, apprenticeship and on-the-job trainings
  • Advocacy & awareness on children & youth’s issues and Child Rights (Human Rights) in the new constitution to political parties, leaders, civil society, parents, society, concern organizations and children by means of radio, street drama, theatre and media.
  • HIV prevention in general population focusing target group of the organization.
  • Formal, non-formal-education, informal and alternative education
  • Welfare services – health, sanitation, emergency medical and legal support to the most disadvantaged children and youth

SathSath specialized working with CSEC, Street and Street-based Children and Youth in Nepal.

SathSath operates a range of different programmes to support street and street-based children and youth to gain skills and confidence. As well as this, SathSath is committed to advocating their issues to society.

To learn more about SathSath’s Programmes dedicated to Street and Street-based Children and Youth, please visit our organization.

Currently,  SathSath is working with objective to protect and withdraw as many male children and youth engaged in CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) MSM (Men Sex with Men) and Protection of Children in Dangerous and Exploitative Child Labor and Campaign Against Children’s Sexual Exploitation in Kathmandu valleyProbably, SathSath is the first organization to work with Children (boys) engaged CSEC/ MSM in Nepal.