Cafe’77 & Souvenir Shop

SathSath initiated SEEP programme for the most disadvantaged children and youth aged above 18 years. This is the vocational and skill training centre where these youth are allowed to learn, practice and experiences skills on arts and crafts, vocational skills and handicrafts to earn their livings.

The SEEP Centre targeted to provided opportunities and platform for these most disadvantaged children and youth who are in the most vulnerable state and situations.

We, at SathSath over a decade of work experiences have developed approach to reach target beneficiaries with love, care, affection and empathy to reach their best interest and explore hidden talent inside with the best possible practical means to coach, motivate and recognize it. This is tedious process of self-realization and recognizing its own interest and talent, which we have intervene as our  is major intervention initiated; targeting the best; resulting financial sustainability of the target beneficiaries who are involved at SEEP Centre.

Our Products of SEEP Center.
1. Wheat Stem Stalk Art
2. Glow Candles
3. Soft Teddy Bear
We are supported by Cafe’77 – a sister concern of SathSath.
Cafe’77 is a coffee shop with different services:
1. Its Barista Training Center
2. Its a Souvenir Shop sales product made by NGO and underprivileged people
3. It sale food
4. It sale drinks
5. It hires staff from the beneficiaries of SathSath.

Visit our Cafe’77.

We give space for SALE at Cafe’77 for the products made by NGO’s and underprivileged people.

Call us : 9851084876