Day: February 25, 2015

Radio Programme Production

February 25, 2015 Experiences and Credibility: SathSath has produced and aired 343 episodes of Radio Programme till date. SathSath has its own recording studio and experienced manpower to produce the radio advocacy programme... Read More

Advocacy and Awareness

Children, Child Rights, New Constitution  and Constituent Assembly Media are, inarguably, a major influence on socio-cultural development throughout the world, with responsibility, particularly in sectors like public broadcasting to print... Read More

Livelihood & Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment though different programmess like SEEP (Self-Empowerment and Employment Program) Cafe'77 Vocational and Skill Training Life Skill Training Street Business Tool Kit Training Street Banking Training Practice Business SathSath... Read More
Making children visible

Making Children Visible

The general population in Nepal does not take birth registration seriously. They only do the process when they feel they need it. The value is often not understood, with them... Read More

Online Child Sexual Abuse

Child abuse and neglect is a significant global problem with a serious impact on the victims’ physical and mental health, well-being and development throughout their lives. Out of the many... Read More


Bridging formal schooling for street connected children - "The Bridge" with support from The ToyBoxThis interventions targets street-connected children and youth focusing education as a tool to re-connect formal educational... Read More