Organizational History

SathSath (meaning” together”) has been working with children and youth living and working on the street in Nepal since 1998. Informally established by a small group of volunteers who had previously worked with/for street and street based children. SathSath was formed around street educators who had spent many years of their life on the street. Initially, the group undertook field-based activities to provide flexible support to children on and of the street through these street educators and founders of SathSath in 1998. During this period they faced lots of challenges on their causes of work, time and again they have to prove they are working voluntarily. It took a turning point in February 2001, when these group of dedicated volunteers legally registered SathSath to give the group a formal identity. Some of the founding members today work professionally through SathSath to address the needs of children and youth on and of the street.

Today, SathSath is an organization recognized as national NGO working for disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youths and their immediate families and society, across Nepal.

SathSath have expanded its work more than 29 districts of Nepal, trained staffs of more than 150 organizations on Small Business Toolkit, Saving Toolkit and Outreach Programming Toolkit.

We design, train and mentor trainings in our expertise on small business enterpenureship, saving (banking), Outreach Work focused on HIV, Radio program, Street drama and Theatre drama, Learning Centre, Drop-in Centre, Practice Business.