SathSath's Vision, Mission & Objectives


State and Society will respect the rights of children and youth


Ensure and empower children and youth to determine respectful life by defending and upholding their rights by preventing and protecting them from becoming the victim abuse, discrimination and trafficking.

Strategic Goals

  1. Prevent and minimize vulnerability of children and youth from falling into risk and abusive situation.

  2. Advocate and create awareness focused programme to ensure child rights issue for policy changes

  3. Creating opportunities for children and youth to build their capacity and capabilities for the sustainable life.

  4. Seek justice for the children in conflict with law and victim of discrimination, sexual abuse and social injustice.

Core values

  • Protection:

SathSath’s organizational vision, mission and goals are always based on the four baskets of Child Rights. We designs programmes and activities based on the UN CRC. All the programme, project, management staffs, and volunteers must respect UN CRC, organizational child safeguarding policy while implementing any programme activities and while in their social life.

  • Equal opportunities:

SathSath believes in providing equal opportunities within its organisation framework with gender balance, no discrimination, respecting all caste and creeds to access to its programme and opportunities to serve to achieve its organisational goals.

  • Participation:

Participation of children are insured, highly respected and valued their involvement and in decision making process on planning, programme development and implementation.

  • Transparency and Accountability:             

We drive through our polices and procedure, and in all our actions, we ensure we are transparent and accountable, answering to target beneficiaries, partners, membership and stakeholders.