Advocacy and Awareness

Children, Child Rights, New Constitution  and Constituent Assembly

Media are, inarguably, a major influence on socio-cultural development throughout the world, with responsibility, particularly in sectors like public broadcasting to print media, to inform and educate. In Nepal, one of the responsibilities the media has towards society is to fight for Child Rights such as basic rights, trafficking, pedophile, child labour abuse etc.

Involvement in lobbying and advocacy can changes in the environment affecting children and strengthening the impact of more typical services. The involvement of the mass media and the quality of information dissemination can impact directly and effectively on children’s issues. Children and child rights issues are not rightly recognized by society, and need awareness programme to address. For awareness radio is the best medium to reach people and children in the Nepali context and to make them aware of the rights of children. SathSath believes that Radio (media) is a key actor in promoting information in our society. Society believes and takes consensus from, how media depicts and portrays on current issues of the nation. Furthermore due to the present political scenario, it is very important that the new constitution, which will be, formulated based on Constituent Assembly includes voice and issues of children. This period of time in history of Nepal is very crucial to advocate “Child Rights” agenda for the rightly incorporation in constitution.

We have been advocating Rights of children through different mediums like audio, visual, print,  street and theatre drama, publications and other means. Consistently we have aired more than 317 radio progarmme dedicated to advocate the rights of children.