Empower children and youth to defend their rights and determine their lives.

About SathSath

We assist Children and Youth to develop skills, build confidence and learn how to use their rights in society. SathSath takes a rights-based approach, with the child and youth as the key actor in his/her development and working to expand his/her life choices. Programme provides opportunities for children and youths and helping them develop capacities and capabilities to improve their situation.


Bridging formal schooling for street connected children - "The Bridge" with support from The ToyBox. This interventions targets street-connected children.

Online Child Sexual Abuse

Child abuse and neglect is a significant global problem with a serious impact on the victims’ physical and mental health, well-being and development through

Radio Programme Production

Experiences and Credibility: SathSath has produced and aired 343 episodes of Radio Programme till date. SathSath has its own recording studio and experienced.

Child Sexual Abuse

SathSath works to protect male youth from sexual abuse and exploitation, and to disengage as many male youth as possible from commercial sex work.

Boys too are sexually abused and exploited.

SathSath is the first organisation to address Boy Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Nepal.

Radio Programme Production

SathSath has produced and aired 343 episodes of Radio Programme till date. SathSath has its own recording studio and experienced manpower to produce the radio advocacy programme on children and child rights issues.