My Life, My Vision

“My Life, My Vision” has been developed as an advocacy and awareness project, aimed at providing street children with a chance to use photography and creative arts to express their situations to mainstream society. SathSath will select and carefully screen a small group of street children to participate in this project. The children will be chosen depending on their interest, motivational levels and commitment. Once selected for the project, the children will be provided with accommodation, where they will receive support, counseling and guidance to aid their social reintegration to mainstream society. For a period of time, the children will be involved in regular photography training classes, and participate in weekly community access visits where they will have the opportunity to take photographs in different regions and settings. The children will be supported to develop their individual styles, and be encouraged to experiment creatively using the cameras in different situations. In conjunction to the photographic training, the children will involved in a creative arts, where they will be able to develop skills using paints, pencils and other creative medium. The art course will complement the children’s photography by assisting them develop their creative and visual capacity. The children will develop a folio of their work, and by the end of the project their best photographs, drawings and paintings will be displayed in an exhibition.

During the course of the project each child will receive psychosocial counseling and be helped to identify their future goals and aspirations.

Through their involvement in this project, the children will have been withdrawn from the street. As well as this, we anticipate that the exhibition and the children’s involvement in Street and Theatre Drama will promote a positive understanding of street children to mainstream society, thus contributing to reducing the negative stigma experienced by this marginalized group.