Radio Programme Production

Experiences and Credibility: SathSath has produced and aired 367 episodes of Radio Programme till date. SathSath has experienced manpower to produce the radio advocacy programme on children and child rights issues. Remember us for radio programme production.

About Radio Programme
Radio program SathSath is a weekly broadcasting focused advocating CSEC issues in law making process and create conceptual clarity on the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation of children through online and travel and tourism sector in Nepal. It aims at addressing students, parents, schools, community, government and non-governmental stakeholders along with concerned private sectors. Thus, it tries to assess the effectiveness of the existing policies, programs and laws concerned with protection of children against sexual exploitation and abuse in online and travel and tourism, finding out gaps and recommending the prospective amendments in the laws, and advocating thereof.

Many people from different places listen to our radio program and many call us to extend their positive responses. Considerably, after listening to our radio program, a parent called to report a case of sexual abuse committed by a school staff in Lalitpur district. In our initiative and coordination with Jawalakhel Women and Children Cell of Nepal Police and the victim children’s parents, this case is under prosecution in Lalitpur district court. A school girl from Chitwan called us after listening to our radio program asking what she should do against her friend who has defamed her through Facebook. We suggested her to meet with our staff in Chitwan. Many parents and teachers are being conscious about child sexual abuse, not only girls, boys are also at equal risk of sexual violence.

Radio programme is produced in magazine format and broadcasted to cover most of the district of Nepal. It digs out the CSEC issues focusing project’s objective to bring out the reality, facts and happening issues in Nepal. Radio programme does consistence follow-up with concern government authorities, line organisations, law and policy makers, target beneficiaries, children, parents and other concern’s. The voices of concern are given top priority to highlight, raise and resolve the issues.

Name of Radio Programme : Radio Magazine SathSath