Cafe’77 & Souvenir

Cafe’77 is a social entrepreneurship initiatives of SathSath.  SathSath is an organisation dedicated to children and child rights issues in Nepal. It works with street and street connected children, (commercial) sexual abuse & exploitation children since 1998.

SathSath is pioneer an organisation to address  (commercial) sexual abuse and exploitation of boy’s issues in Nepal.

The Cafe’77 gives topmost priority for the employment opportunities for SathSath target beneficiaries from its different  vocational programmes .

Cafe’77 have  SALE CORNOR handmade by  former street children/youth from the  wheat stem stalk (Chawali), glow candles, felt crafts  which are on display.

Buying these product you will directly supporting them.
Enjoy our coffee,food, drinks & buying our souvenir products, you will be helping & supporting work of SathSath in supporting and to rescue street connected children and sexually abused children.

Cafe’ 77 contributes NRs. 5 per product SALE at Cafe’ to

We are supported by Cafe’77 – a sister concern of SathSath.
Cafe’77 is a coffee shop with different services:

  1. 1. Its Barista Training Center
  2. Its a Souvenir Shop sales product made by NGO and underprivileged people
  3. It sale food
  4. It sale drinks
  5. It hires staff from the beneficiaries of SathSath.

Visit our Cafe’77.

We give space for SALE at Cafe’77 for the products made by NGO’s and underprivileged people.

Call us : 9851084876