Virtual Drop-In-Centre

Virtual Drop-in-Center (V-DIC) is a platform, where children (BOYs under 18) can approach SathSath’s Online Outreach Workers to engage, learn, gain information, knowledge and one can request for support needed and other assistance within its services dedicated. It is a virtual platform established to provide long-term solution and to support children who cannot physically access or do not want to reveal their identity to seek supports.

Need Help? Call us at Toll Free no: 16600151015

The V-DIC is dedicated to liberate/withdraw boys who are in commercial sex, sexually abused and exploited.

Through V-DIC any one enquires, seek for support and share their personal problems to resolve it. If you are in dilemma, you can put your quarries to us through V-DIC. We will be acting bridge to access to concern for your support. This platform is for the children who cannot access us directly or physically or far away from SathSath geographically.