Virtual Drop in Centre

There is limited understanding of the scale and scope of sexual abuse that takes place to boys or how they came into these situations and what their needs are. There are NGOs and child protection agencies working to address the sexual exploitation but focused mainly on women and girls, leaving boys to fend for themselves, or worse, seen only as perpetrators. Male survivor advocates at the 2016 Global Survivors Forum, explained that even where agencies may include male victims in their work, there is limited focus on addressing the specific characteristics, experiences and responses of boys independently from girls. It might be due to prejudices against boy victims perceived as being homosexual or referring them to LGBTI community.

Girls have long been assumed to be the main target of sexual predators yet internationally it has been reported it is otherwise boys are sexually abused too before 18 years but we do not have research data in Nepal’s contexts.

The vulnerability of boys to sexual abuse and exploitation was particularly highlighted as an often-hidden problem. It similarly found that the context that makes both boys and girls vulnerable to sexual exploitation is tied to stereotypical social norms about gender, which in the case of boys, views them as invulnerable to sexual exploitation. This assumption of male invulnerability means that boys’ involvement in sexual exploitation continues to go largely undetected and unaddressed.

Of growing concern is that the sexual exploitation of children is being greatly facilitated by online technology. In addition to sexually abusive practices targeting boys in a number of offline environments, gender-specific threats now challenge the safety of the majority of the boys as child participation online rises.

Due to stigma and taboo of these children, mostly they refuse online as part of their coping strategy to seek support and answers to their problems and resolve their situations. The Virtual Drop-in-Center is conceived by SathSath with its work experiences with this community of boys who hangs online and do not want to reveal their true identity or geographically cannot access to information and services. As a pioneer organization working for boys sexual abuse and exploitation in Nepal, we see this virtual platform will give access to services across the county.

Purpose: Reach out the large number of boys who are CSEC, or survivors or children in dilemma about their situations, who are not willing to be exposed either of stigma or being recognized or lack of proper information or who maintains their personal privacy.

Virtual Drop in Center-V-DIC Is a platform where children (BOYs under 18) can approach SathSath to engage to learn and gain formal and informal information, knowledge, support and other assistance within its services dedicated. V-DIC is virtual platform established to provide long-term solution and to support children who cannot physically access or do not want to reveal their identity to seek support.

Our top priority and philosophy is to provide services by keeping all the information of individual confident. We keep “CONFIDENTIALITY” anyone in out contact through V-DIC and will be maintained unless and until client gives consent or want to reveals themselves.

Through V-DIC any one enquires, seek for support and share their personal problems to resolve it. If you are in dilemma, you can put your quarries to us through V-DIC. We will be acting bridge to access to concern for your support. This platform is for the children who cannot access us directly or physically or far away from SathSath geographically.

The V-DIC is dedicated to liberate/withdraw boys who are in commercial sex, sexually abused and exploited.

Our intervention focuses on Prevention, Promotion and Prosecution of issues and cases related to CSEC.

For full access to services you need to register to Member Portal.