Our Service

Online Counselling: To provide emotional support by focusing on their emotions, thoughts and behavior to develop their personal, social and intellectual capacities for solving their problems. Our counsellors work from the individual’s identified needs. We’ll help you assess your situation, provide information and support, and provide referral options that will respect your ability to make informed choices for yourself.

  • Chat with Counsellor: Confidentially connects you to our qualified psychosocial counsellors. Online Chat counselling is available during office hours in day time 6 days a week. You need to take prior appointment for tele-counselling.
  • Tele Counseling: In the case of geographical barrier as per the need the service of counseling through the toll-free phone calls. For the free call you have you call 1660-01-51015 to connect to the counsellor and advice to take prior appointment with counsellor for effective timing.
  • Email :  Do you have a few questions but not much time?Our counsellors are available by email to assess your situation and suggest options. It can be particularly helpful if you don’t feel ready to start a live chat session, or, the matter is not urgent but you would like to get some assistance. We monitor these emails Monday to Friday 10-5 and in most cases, we would expect to respond to you within 24 hours In a crisis we recommend seeking other forms of support – these are listed under Emergency Assistance at the top of every page.

How to ask a question via email?

  • Click on the “Register and sign up” for access button at the bottom of the page
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Complete the basic information we need to begin a counselling session
  • A text box will open for you to enter your query
  • A Counsellor will respond to you and the response will come back to your email inbox
  • From there any further questions can be sent back directly from your email or from your Member Portal.

Why join Counselling Online?

  • Membership gives you access to a range of services including chat sessions, access facilities and services provided physically from SathSath’s Drop-in-Center at New Baneshwor and Panipokhari Kathmandu.
  • You won’t need to repeat your story each time you start a session
  • You can refer back to previous sessions for any helpful tips and referrals
  • It helps track your progress so that you can see how you are going.

So, what’s stopping you – send us an email today!

Our assessments and counselling are based on the information you choose to share with us. While our counsellors will make every effort to assist you with the issues or problems you identify – you are in the best position to determine how relevant this information is to your situation.

Other Services

Health Concern

  • Medical treatment and Support
  • Individual Health Counselling
  • Emergency Medical Support
  • HIV prevention and treatment services

Career Shaping

  • Vocational Training Support
  • Informal Education Session
  • Life Skill Training
  • Education Support
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Advocacy

Online Forum

Where members registered who have taken support. They post their views after the approval from the admin.